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I’m Robert Slattery, and I want to help you regain control of your time by breaking free of the rat race.

When I start my day in the morning, my goal isn’t to close real estate deals. My mission is to help others share in the same success I’ve had in this industry. As the founder of Blackwell Real Estate and Cash Flow Assets, I have refined my signature process for growing net worth and cash flow through rental property management. My upcoming book, Math Wins, further outlines my model for achieving financial freedom and complete time control using rental property income. 

The Blackwell Team and I are currently expanding brokerage activities into multiple cities across the U.S. We’re on a mission to help three million Americans break free of the rat race and take back their time before the end of 2030. 

Outside of helping clients and coaching Blackwell agents, my top priority is spending time with my beautiful wife, Pam, and our three amazing children—they have always been my motivation for spending less time behind a desk and creating more time to spend at home. I’m an avid lover of the outdoors and always enjoy hands-on projects around the house and within my church.

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My Story

In my first career….

I was a broke college dropout. I had failed out of Western Oregon University but thought I found my calling in tech. In my early 20s I was working with a big software company in the Pacific Northwest (I’ll let you guess which one). I was making a decent salary, but I was just working too hard. I felt like I was on a treadmill—constantly running and never getting ahead. 

New perspectives…

While I was still running the rat race, I took a trip to visit my Uncle Ron in Denver, CO. He had everything I wanted: the big house, the fancy car, and (most importantly) the freedom to use his time how he wanted. He was using rental property income to live his life without the ball and chain of a 9-5. 

When I took action…

I had seen a different way of living, and I wanted that for myself. So, I entered the real estate industry. It wasn’t an immediate success, but soon I was generating good money selling property as a real estate agent. I then began buying properties that rented for a little less than the mortgage payments. That “negative cash flow” helped me keep my taxes lower. Or so I thought.

Shifting the focus to cash flow…

The real estate market crashed, and so did my income. I was hemorrhaging cash as I lost or sold my rental properties—it was a bad time to be a newlywed. But my wife stood by me, and our relationship grew stronger amid this hardship. Eventually, I attended a real estate seminar that showed me a different way to approach rental properties. I was entirely too focused on equity growth when I should have been focused on cash flow. 

Road to prosperity…

With a new plan of action, I began to show my clients how to find and analyze properties based on cash flow. I didn’t yet have the money to start investing myself, but my income grew as I started sharing my process with my clients. Not long after, I was able to start buying my own properties and launch Blackwell Real Estate. I’m currently generating over $40k/month in cash flow, and the Blackwell team has grown right alongside my own personal success. Now I’m able to have the financial freedom I’d always dreamed of so that I can travel with my family, support my church, and give back to my community. 

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What I Believe

  • People shouldn’t have to trade their time for money. There is too much to enjoy in life outside of a 9-5 that only generates a paycheck.
  • Work doesn’t define a person. When you finally break free from the rat race, you can decide what you’re truly meant to accomplish in life.
  • When you eliminate financial strife and stop spending so much time at work, you take pressure off your personal relationships and have the time to build stronger connections with the people you love.

You don’t have to be wealthy to generate rental property income.

It’s a common misconception that you need to have money to get into real estate, but you can begin generating cash flow without investment capital. I always remind my clients that you don’t get what you deserve in business; you get what you negotiate. As part of the Cash Flow Crew, you will learn the strategy that can put rental properties to work for you, regardless of your current financial situation. 

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Become part of the Cash Flow Crew today. Establish your goals and create a game plan for acquiring cash flowing properties that fit your needs through the Blackwell Workshop!